Ace Chat is devoted to sharing stories. Here’s mine.

My name’s Marisa. I’m a 29-year-old writer, and I’ve known I was ace since I was a teenager. I started openly identifying with asexuality when I was 20, but I didn’t embrace the word--or even feel comfortable using it--for several more years.

Why was “asexual” so difficult to say? Because of the misinformation. And the stereotypes. And my relative lack of understanding of what ace could mean. There is no one type of asexual (there isn’t even a single agreed upon definition) and as language evolves, so does our need to communicate.

Through Ace Chat, I’ve made real life friends. I’ve met other a-spec activists and become part of ace events, like the International Asexuality Conference and International Ace Day. I’ve chatted with people around the world and learned about their struggles, their triumphs, their truths. I’ve grown to love and appreciate this community more than ever, and today, I can confidently and proudly say, “I’m ace.”

It is my hope that, through reading these stories, others will have that same experience. I’d like to invite you to become part of the journey toward a more inclusive, educated world. And for everyone who has already shared their story, uplifted others, or just listened, thank you.

Can’t wait to continue our chat.

Our History

October 2020
Ace flag with text reading, "Ace Week. Ace Author Chat. First Sunday of Ace Week. Time: 6PM EST. Hosted by @Reachwriter on Twitter."

Originally, Ace Chat was inspired by Ace Author Chat, a Twitter event in which ace authors discussed ace rep in books and movies.

March 2021

Ace Chat shared its first interview after learning about the inaugural International Asexuality Day. In the beginning, we were simply an Instagram account devoted to sharing visual depictions of ace stories.

April 2021
Image of angelic woman crying. Her hair is purple and her wings are the lithro flag.

Almost immediately, several aro-spec individuals reached out to us wanting to share their experiences, and we were more than happy to do so. Already, our vision for Ace Chat was evolving.

May 2021

After being asked to conduct a longer interview, we began our YouTube account. Soon, we were also reporting on ace and aro news and discussing queer representation. 

December 2021

Less than a year after starting Ace Chat, we began taking on volunteers, reassessed our purpose, and updated our logo.

The Future
Four cartoon people with speech bubbles talking. Text says, "Ace Chat. Amplifying ace and aro voices to promote visibility and connection."

Ace Chat has even more exciting things in the works! But the most exciting thing? Continuing to be part of this amazing community.

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